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Democracy was not implimented.

Posted by: PinochetMustDie on April 22, 1999 at 14:53:16:

In Reply to: Actually, the Russian government is going to hell, and it is our fault. posted by Joshua on April 20, 1999 at 11:57:24:

: Actually, the Russian government is going to hell, and it is our fault. These people were not ready for democracy. Even if they were, it was implamented too quickly.

Democracy was not implimented. Yeltsin slowed it down and in fact turned things back, remember the shelling of the "whitehouse" Clinton supported him. Call me a heretic but I don't hold individuals responsible for the actions of a Government. Down that road lies the Provisional IRA and others.

I'm a communist so in addition to various arguments you would expect from me as to why Capitalisim failed utterly is the following:

Corruption and Totalitarianisim is the reason for the Planned Economy failing as it is for Capitalism.

One of the central teachings of Marxisim is that an Elite as a group never bugger off when they are no longer needed/wanted. Following from that, if a change is brought in by those at the top, it is in their interests of that elite (the change in question was from "socialisim" to capitalisim). The Elite wanted to ensure they would still be in charge, so using their power as the Government sold/gave to themselves state assets.

Corruption is the inevitable result of Totalitarian states and ineffective Democracies. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union reached its Zenith under Brezhnev. It was dubbed "The Brezhnev Mafia". The "new" Russian Mafia is part of the old breauracracy. Ex-Soviet Government, Russian Businessman, Russian Mafia are interchangeable terms.

: We have had Over two hundred years to prefect our system, and we still are far from being remotely even close to what our forfathers dreamed of. They looked to us for guidence, and tried to accomplish what we have in only a few, short years. The blame sits with us.

Yes there have been improvements over the years 40 something ammendments to your constitution, BUT, things have been getting worse not better in terms of interfereing in the lives of citizens. There is a parralelle to the implimentation of socialisim in the USSR. Marxisim predicts after the Overthrow of Capitalisim and supression of the counter-revolution etc etc there will be a "withering away" of the state as it is no longer needed and Socialisim evolves into communisim and Anarchisim becomes possible. CONTRAST THIS TO THE USSR. The state got stronger, why? Because a new tyrrany was cemented in place. The solution to fixing the USSRs economic problems was to bring in Democracy. Btw in a Democracy shouldn't we have a choice about what sort of economic system we have. The problem with Democracy (from the point of the powerfull) under a planned economy is that would be the beginning of the end. What was needed was another revolution.

The US (Govt that is) is quite happy when a Totalitarian Govt is imposing Capitalisim but when it imposes a planned economy thats a different story.

I don't understand the military side of things but the American army is so utterly insensitive that you may find Kosovar resenting the Yanks as the encounter arrogant, racist indoctrinated US soldiers. Remember the landing of US soldiers in Somalia, holding locals at gun point! The local warlords must have been rubbing their hands with glee.

: As for this war being different from Desert Storm, you are correct. 1: We have natives who know the area quite well, even more so than the Serbs, who can help. 2: We can get our forces there more quickly. 3: Our allies are closer, and we have much more equipment and personel available and more time to impplament any action.
: And to address the 1 to 10 ratio, I don't think so. Any U.S. soldier sent to the Balkins knows that he might see action. And anyway, there are already marines there and most likly on their way.

Excuse the Pun but Clinton is a PRICK. The average American is not to blame, many of you may be indoctrinated, as is most of the world. This indoctrination indicates that the show is not run in your best interests. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

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