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They don't, of course...

Posted by: Gideon Hallett ( UK ) on April 22, 1999 at 15:28:07:

In Reply to: Why do companies desearve greater rights than human beings? posted by LARK on April 22, 1999 at 14:52:49:

: Did you know that if recent legislation had been passed US companies who dont want to pollute america since they live there and it would be unhealthy for them can dump toxic, radioactive, nuclear waste where they like and if anyone protests then the government can be taken to an international multi-national court that will force the dumping and FINE THE NATION, I mean your paying for the privilege of disagreeing!

Well, yes. The corporate world is in the process of reducing the political governments of the world to mere figureheads. Never mind the human costs of Chiquita's inability to tolerate any competition; theirs is the right to compete freely in any marketplace in the world.

: What's even more shocking is that you dont read this in the papers, even the free press like the Guardian where slow to get onto this issue, and these things just get passed without much attention being paid to them and WHAT THE FUCK?!! You wake up one morning and you dont have any rights!!

Hmmm. For what it's worth, The Guardian isn't exactly "the free press"; admittedly, they're not as bad as the Daily Torygraph, The Scum, or the Daily Male, but...

I first saw the MAI (which is what I think you're referring to) referred to in the Guardian on the 13th of April 1997 in a column by George Monbiot; I posted a summary of the column to this DR a week or so later.

This is a fundamental problem with representative democracy, though; the people are supposed to take a hand in the decisions that affect the country; however, for the representatives to function effectively, they have to keep the population powerless and in the dark; a fundamental contradiction; and one that results in the American public having no say in whether they consume things like GM soya and hormone-laced beef.


(The link is to a mate's page. I think it's funny; send him flames and I'll be on your case for evermore...)

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