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Posted by: Wesley ( UNC-Chapel Hill, United States of America ) on April 26, 1999 at 13:23:39:

The United States of America is the wealthiest and strongest country in the world. We can and should do ANY DAMN THING WE PLEASE!! Just try and stop us you weaklings!!! Ha Ha Ha!! You British are just jealous because we whipped your asses twice (US Revolution, War of 1812) and we had to bail you out of 2 world wars. We will kick Serbia's ass too. GO USA!!!

McSpotlight: Sadly, this seems to be a fairly common attitude among some of the American population. Castration might make them less aggressive and thus less of a threat to the other 95.45% of the world.

(Estimated U.S. population on 26/4/99 at 7:19 EDT = 272,373,787
Estimated world population on 26/4/99 at 7:19 EDT = 5,982,285,487
According to http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html)

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