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Sorry I'm sane and have never owned anything more powerful than an air rifle.

Posted by: LARK on April 26, 1999 at 14:01:33:

In Reply to: You gun toting psychpoaths are gonna get us all killed one of these days posted by Copenhagen on April 22, 1999 at 14:55:52:

: I don't think any of us 'hippie peace niks' (HPNs) are in fact looking the other way. MY only objective is to point out that there was a good chance that the distaster in yugoslavia could have been handled better...

Yes, years ago when the Serbs made a complete and utter laughing stalk of the UN by rolling into the safe haven and genocidally murdering every muslim they found, while the UN troops looked on, we could have dropped a few thousand fuel bombs on Serbia and they'd still be recovering now.

: Bombing Milo is NOT going to get rid of him. It just makes the serbian people hate NAto. The only way for NATO to overthrow him is to roll the TANKS INTO BELGRADE. But this is also NOT going to happen because Russia would never allow it.]

Russia's only objection is that the Americans are involved yeah? Wrong the Russians are opporating a type of pan-slavism that hasnt been seen since the nineteenth century. If NATO had acted fast enough Russia woulsnt have had time to react as it has done!!

: The most likely outcome of the bombing at this stage seems to be that NATO will get Milo to agree to their intiial ultimatum that NATO troops be allowed into kosovo, etc (Indeed i believe i saw maddy albright saying just this last night).

: So what will the bombing have achieved?

You have just said that the bombing has resulted in Milo having to give into the NATO demand for a force on the ground, havent you? that's what it has achieved. I find that among the ranks of peaceniks like yourself their is a reluctance to accept that in this day and age a dictator would wipe out an entire nation for disagreeing with him. It happens and I dont know about you but I'd like to see it stopped.

: It will have allowed Milo to escalate his ethnic cleanising and finally get all the albanians out of kosovo, it will have killed many innocne tpeople- both serbs and albanians, it will have strenghtened milo's hold on power by feeding on anti nato sentiment, it will have caused a terrible humaniatarian disaster...

I disagree things would have been much worse if ew'd done nothing. All it takes for evil to be done is that good people stand idle.

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