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Obediance to the Market who take all my money?

Posted by: LARK on April 26, 1999 at 14:06:13:

In Reply to: i like the sound of this socialism thing posted by easy on April 22, 1999 at 14:31:18:

: I could get other people to do stuff for me if I get my vote over strong enough, with support and so on right?

: Sounds good to me, let others do the works, hell vote them into bloody well having to do it or else!

: Ofcourse they might rebel, so lets let them keep about half of what they make and steal the rest.

: oh shit, were already doing that!

This is clearly some type of sham anti-government/bureacracy post and whoever posted it has very little understanding of what socialism really is if they equate socialism with government leviathans.

Oh well, I dont care if he chooses to be a Capitalist sheep continuously herded from this great site of Microsoft achievement, to this great site of McD's achievement (and so on), obeying the cry of buy, buy, buy.

They can live out thier boring little lives and if they're lucky soem seriously alienated or socially excluded person wont kill them.

Obediance to the Market who take all my money? Fuck that!

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