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except the ones who want what others dont

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on April 27, 1999 at 10:23:31:

In Reply to: I think it is in everyones interests to collectivise it posted by Lark on April 26, 1999 at 17:59:33:

: Fine no problem there since there is finite land etc. I think it is in everyones interests to collectivise it, rather than let some have lots and lots and lots and others nothing. I'm no the only one thinking this way either...

Definately not the only one. I will maintain that different people have different interests and goals, and with finite land (but not wealth as expressed by utility) and more over limited ability, those peoples interests are not so compatible as to be collectivised without serious, warfare serious, disagreements over allocation. After all a rule led collectivisation can only occur with the initiation of force (because the sudden mass consciousness myth, is a myth)

: No not angry at all, I've been taking head ache tablets and other medication that I maybe shouldnt have mixed, I could have hours to live but I feel great.

Ah well, if youre feeling great then youre enjoying the gift of life, which is indeed good.

: Surely your right-wing moaning about the "socialistic" government in the US etc. proves it is unpopular.

Not with a huge amount of politicians (unsuprisingly) nor a lot of voters (acting in what they perceive to be self interest incidently)

: The collapse of Marxism, which I cheered, was nothing other than the prelude to a collapse of militant ideological liberalism.

I wonder. maybe we are heralding a new age of amoral pragmatism - just as bad as militant ideological liberalism, and just as much a path to power for those who wish to use it.

: : People dont sacrifice what they value for what they dont unless they are insance, or working at the behest of state socialism.

: Your wrong man, if I could I'd spend all my money on books, beer and all kinds of ill shit, but my insecure job etc. means I've got to save for emergencies. My bank account is a record of books I could have had, beer I could have drank, holidays I could have had etc.

You are choosing to save because of the reality of your specific job. Its not the jobs 'fault', its your choice. Reality does not change at your whim (I spent a long time learning that!) and the way you deal with it is up to you. If you wanted books more than safety you'd buy them. If you wanted safety and then books youd make sure you could earn the necessary funds, by offering the necessary skills - or better yet becoming self employed and trading.

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