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The anti-communist propaganda is flawed

Posted by: Lark on April 27, 1999 at 12:07:23:

In Reply to: communism is ideologically flawed posted by Jason on April 26, 1999 at 14:01:02:

:However, humanity is not based on money.

So as a result, even if your not a communist, your love of humanity means your an anti-capitalist of some variety, yes?

:Humanity is based on love, hope, joy, achievement, and emotion. Communism inherently tends to frown upon these qualities and feelings because they have no face value to the improvement of the state.

Really? For some time I've had communist sympathies and I've never thought like this, if anything the exact opposite, what you are describing as communism sounds more like facism or nationalism to me.

:Each human is individual and unique and the track record of communism implies that we don't like being viewed as anything less.

But what does the track record of Capitalism imply? This individuality and uniqueness, a fine and virtuous thing, is streamrollered by Capitalism, have you ever seen uniqueness on a factory conveyor belt, in an office, in a car lot.

We are what we make and that means at present we're commodities to be used and thrown away.

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