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True. But is it choice or is it a dominant ideology in each nation?

Posted by: Earth Person ( Australia ) on April 28, 1999 at 07:06:10:

In Reply to: Liberal Nationalism and internationalism posted by Lark on April 27, 1999 at 12:18:53:

: : Who needs nations? I don't. I'm not nationalist about Australia - it's a nice place but it's only part of earth wich is awesome. We're only seperated by water or lines on maps and we're all humans. We're just floating in space together heading somewhere. Our lives are only a very small part of an endless picture. Now we're using the net isn't it good! Hi!

: For my part I think Nationalism is great provided it isnt racism, xenophobic or sectarian. It is a grave, grave error to dismiss primitive nationalism and insist upon exclusive internationalism because then the primitive nationalists get put of progressive movements and end up in the ranks of facists.

Good point about primitive nationalism -> fascism.

: Take facism, it is ulitmately self destructive because if they established their "pure" nations tommorrow, these pure nations would fight each other for supremacy (I mean Italian, Irish and Celtic Facism is ultra catholic, whereas anglo saxon variants ultra protestant) but at present they are able to integrate nations, even ones that are generally at each others throats, like france and germany or England and Ireland, into an overall framework.

True. The second part is more of a global link or 'primitive internationalism'.

: There is nothing wrong with liberal non-exclusive nationalism, I can appreciate the Levellers singing "England My Home" an english Patriotic song as much as I can appreciate ny of the irish patriot songs.

Does that exist? I mean songs are different and work their way up from streets (Penny Lane, Baker Street), to Cities (London Calling), to States (California Girls), to Nations (Born in the USA), to worlds (One), to Solar Systems (Set the controls for the heart of the sun), to the universe (Across the universe).

: Nationalism is a sum of things like climate, environment, language and culture it can be bad or good it is everyone's choice as to make it so.

True. But is it choice or is it a dominant ideology in each nation? MOSTLY a bourgeois ideology to rally the workers of that nation behind their capitalists.

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