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instances in which individualism is evil

Posted by: lark on April 28, 1999 at 10:35:41:

In Reply to: concurring posted by Gee on April 27, 1999 at 16:18:38:

: : Is that source any good? I'd have thought you couldnt get right wing anarchism.

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: : McSpotlight: That's a fairly heated point of debate, the Randists and the "deregulate everything!" brigade would disagree with you; the classical "anarchists" would agree.

Well, "right-wing" anarchism is just another example of how capitlaism attempts to appropriate every progressive ideology that poses a threat, I mean when state socialism was progressive (back in those misguided days)Capitalism created facism, sure it fucks the little marketeer but the real capitalists dont care about him they're out to safe guard monopoly interests. Now they're doing it again with Anarchism.

There are anarcho-facists in the US who preach the doctrine of "leaderless resistance" and a "Stateless white world" too, to demonstrate how keen the right wing is at appropriating what isnt theirs.

: Wingless I would say. Individual liberty, despite the dearest wishes of some political commentators, does not sit on a sliding scale of left or right wing. Its popular among the self proclaimed 'left' to describe fascism, then in the same breath individualism, as right wing. Trying to poison the latter by association with the first perhaps.

Gee their are instances in which individualism is evil. If we took your arguments to their natural conclusion, EG everything the individual finds rational is rational and they should do as they like, then we'd never convict murderers because they think it's perfectly rational to kill people.

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