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They did that in Korea, too.

Posted by: Gideon Hallett ( UK ) on April 28, 1999 at 16:06:46:

In Reply to: An anecdote posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on April 28, 1999 at 15:56:12:

: I'm reminded of the CIA's program "the Phoenix Operation" as it was enacted in "South Vietnam" during the war against Vietnam. The CIA, according to Douglas Valentine (I don't remember the name of Valentine's book offhand) was busy training an elite corps of killers on Tu Do Island. One of the most interesting things about this was that each member of the corps had the words, "Kill Communists," in Vietnamese, tattooed on his chest. One has to wonder what happened to this corps when the Thieu regime collapsed.

The lucky ones emigrated, presumably.

If you go back to the early 50's, similar behaviour was conducted by the Nationalists that were press-ganged into the People's Liberation Army; when taken prisoner in Korea, they would form groups in the POW camps and start tattooing people with Nationalist badges; knowing that the tattooed people would be shot if they ever returned to China; leaving Taiwan their only real "home". The UN forces turned a blind eye to this, since it meant fewer Commies around.


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