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Why not implement a rewards-type system

Posted by: Anne ( Canada ) on April 29, 1999 at 10:17:48:

In Reply to: not at others expense posted by Gee on April 28, 1999 at 16:42:22:

Unfortunately for all of us, there are some people who do not want to work. And I also think, who can blame them? However, even though I would like to be free to choose the work I want to do, necessity dictates that I must work for someone else in order to support myself.

The current welfare system in Canada assumes that those who receive social assistance do not want to find work, and punishes those who do. I believe that most people on social assistance contribute to society in many other ways, and it is a sad reflection on society when we measure a person's worth by their occupation or lack thereof.

That being said, I would suggest a compromise between social democracy and the laissez-faire approach to social welfare. Why not implement a rewards-type system, where those who are using social assistance temporarily have more freedom to choose, and those who are chronic users have their choices limited. Temporary users would not have to report to anyone in terms of job searches and money allocation. Chronic users would have to earn their welfare payments through work in a NON PROFIT setting.

If the system started treating people like human beings, perhaps we could witness some reforms in our social welfare system.

: First, we must distinguish work from employment- when I was on the dole I was not allowed to work, i.e. to do voluntary work, for more than a certain number of hours a week- it was actively prohibitted. they don't want us to *work* but to be *employed*, i.e. put to work for profit.

: *they* presumably wanted you off the dole queue and creating your own means to survival. *they* are also usually beaurocrats whose purpose is shrouded in red tape, loopholes and endless fallbacks. Really you should be free to as much voluntary work as you like, but not at other peoples expense.

: : Now, in a society of free association this distinction ends, all work would be on a voluntary basis of free association, and doubtless communities would form around work.

: They have so far, so I imagine they would continue. The word 'work' does also mean self sustaining action. A zebra is at work all the time.

: : What a lot of deliberately unemployed (and I know more than a few) are doing, is avoiding shity low paid jobs and exploitation, most of them work in different ways, but they just don't want a boss.

: Fine, avoid away, but not at others expense.

: : When work is free and voluntary, people will do it, potherwise they can get very bored (when I was on the dole I found it mind numbing, the abject tedium and lack of structure in my life- and this was only a month or two.)

: I, during my youth, also experienced 2 months of receiving stolen goods. I hated it, dont think I could even do it now, id rather work in a chicken factory.

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