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Posted by: bill on April 29, 1999 at 10:26:58:

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: : Almost everyone has Their Grand Plan to make everyone else conform to their own personal set of morals.

: I think its partly a way to avoid having to set about the task of living and being happy - just set up impossible demands ("this must happen then I'll be happy") rather than realistic ones ("I shall make these things happens as well as I can, and I'll be happy to have a go")

: : To be physically free and out of reach of these cretins requires an on-going effort.

: Just ignore them, vote against them- people who want what you have can only get it by violence of fraud.


Oh its seems so easy and simple the way you guys put it. You'd think there was no injustice or institutionalized racism anywhere. Just mind our own business and do our thing. But I've worked in ghettos in 3 U.S. cities. I've seen block after block after block of tenements - no banks, no supermarkets, no parks, rare garbage pick-ups, just a lot of bars, check cashing rip-off artists, pawn shops, broken glass and an occasional barber and bail bondsman.

You cannot ignore the environment in any sense of that word. The condition of the soil in which you plant the seed will have its effect on future growth and development.

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