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Posted by: borg ( Anarchy, Inc., Cyberspace ) on April 30, 1999 at 15:02:52:

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: : and our "self-made" American capitalists such as the oil, railroad, automotive, telephone & telegraph, computer, and air travel industries were heavily subsidized by the government.

: All of them? utter bull and you should know it. To compare the hopeless and corrupt 'big four' of california whose second rate endeavours were supported by the force of coercive laws with JJ Hills railroad built without govt assistence is to throw the good in (deliberately) with the bad in the hope of tarnishing all.

Very "complete" history of the life and work of J. J. Hill
at http://k7moa.gsia.cmu.edu/jjhill.htm

For a closer look at Rand download her book _Anthem_
[quick download] at The Gutenburg Project at

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