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Posted by: bill on April 30, 1999 at 18:03:46:

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: : It's economic coercion. I've explained this before.

: If you explained it to me I would have offered a counterview.

Oh really? A Counter-view before knowing what I would post? hmmm.

In any case, ADM and Cargill began mega-agricultural farms and were able to produce crops (primarily corn) which they sold below the price required by the small peasant farms. This was an immediate catastrophe for the small farmer who were forced (economic coercion!) to sell off their land and emigrate north to Mexico City and beyond (to the Maquiialdoras. The Mexican Consul admitted that upwards of 150,000 families have been affected.

: : Yes it would. As the price of items rose in this country to reflect OUR labor costs, the ability to pay more competitve (sustainable living wages) abroad would be able to rise.

: Consumption would drop in this country, and money available for investment in other countries would vanish. they would stay poor.

Are You now playing zero-sum? The point is that indiginous populations would more able to invest in their own people rather than serve as a cash cow for others.

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