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I agree.

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on May 01, 1999 at 00:45:34:

In Reply to: the problem with such speeches posted by Gee on April 30, 1999 at 17:15:49:

: Is that a few words can be changed and the entire meaning changes. Its a cheap trick Red, but the bastardised rehash below has the same credibility, because it is supported with the same degree of factual support.

I agree actually, with everything you write- except, I think your definition of collectivism is wrong, tehre is no collective decision involeved, collective decisions are merely aggregates of individual decisions, only the decisions of leaders are involved, the collectivism of the totalitarian state, the absence of indivisdual choice.

But if you want evidence- look to my point about Yugoslavia, and its wrecked economy- its poverty that is dricving the region's wars onwards- propesperity brings liberty, penury dictatorship. Joel Jacobson agreed that teh Mafia is a fine example of functioning capitalism, and you must agree that teh state is just a protection racket- so..

Lets have individualism, real individualism, as can only be expressed through teh absence of class, through the situation of social equality.

: It is valid for you to have the opinion you expressed over what is happening, and in a large part I agree - except I do not see its connection with individual liberty and pvte property, but with the lack of individual sovereignty - precisely because the means to liberty are held at the behest of state.

I agree in full- individual soveriegnmty- but how can we have individual soverignty, without equality?

: War is collectivism carried on by other means

it was good till this pone- but this doesn't scan I'm afraid, unless you are implying some borg like function...
: "People of the world, claim your sovereign right to life!"

I agree! Lets do it together!

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