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Posted by: Copenhagen ( about to cut loose, Congo ) on May 04, 1999 at 12:08:10:

In Reply to: its either / or though posted by Gee on April 30, 1999 at 13:38:23:

: That woudl require agreement on what exploitation is, and there is very little agreement on that, even between workers whom some would say are being explouited.

You can use that argument almost anywhere Gee. But really i think there are cases where it is VERY clear that there is exploitation taking place (eg children down the mine) and other places where it is not so clear. Just because it is unclear in some places does not mean that we cannot use the term 'exploitation' or indeed reach some agreement as to what sort of things we would want to include under such a heading.

: Also "a level of individual freedoms" were maintained in Nazi germany, with the regulation of freedom being for "the collective good". no one can decide the 'good' for another. They dont have the right.

I take it that by 'good' here you mean moral good. Well what you say may well be true, but that does not stop governments legislating to upohold moral 'goodness' inn the community.

: : The real problem with capitalism and a free market is that one can only prosper by keeping more, and paying less.

: If that were true then wealth would have shrunk. It hasnt, its spread and grown throughout the world.

Well it aint growin too much accordin to the post from Bill that i just read. Besides Gee we do not have any form of 'pure' capitalism. It is propped up by the government in many states.

: : As a man, would you feel included when you are bombarded with messages that use sexist terminology like the ones mentioned above? In the beginning, God created woman, for all of womankind, god bless our foremothers,...

: I dont think of males when I here the term 'man' or 'mankind' used in such contexts. I think of humans, people.

: : It is very important to recognize the effects that language has on a person's very essence, and the use of gender-biased language has the result of excluding women and making them feel invisible. If you only knew how it felt, you might understand.

: Catch 22, because I am not a woman any opinion I have on language is invalidated?

You show a distinct lack of sensitivity here Gee.

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