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Schools, Widgets, and Mental Midgets

Posted by: Deep Daddio Nine on May 05, 1999 at 12:36:44:

In Reply to: that again posted by Gee on May 04, 1999 at 14:23:54:

: : DADDIO: Its not a contradiction at all. Why should capitalists want separation of state and education (or state and anything) if they can CONTROL the state? The state runs the school and Big Business runs the state. Ultimately, the public school system primarily reflects greedy industrial interests (the super-rich) to the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual detriment of many (everybody else). This intent is in the original design, and this is the function it has served and continues to serve to this day. Consider its final product: Politically complacent clueless consumers all jacked up for a lifelong, impersonal, 9 to 5 purgatory that serves mostly to make someone they've never met fabulously rich.

GEE: You have just described the intent and wishes of statists. These are not the wishes of those who want individual liberty (& pvte property).

DADDIO: Agreed. These are not the wishes for those who want individual liberty for EVERYBODY, but they are very much the wishes for those who want individual liberty/private property exclusively for THEMSELVES (or at least to a degree that maintains their current level of privilege and authority), and this DOES describe the intent of elite mega-capital: multinationals, oil rich families, private medical monopolists, agrochemical empires etc.

The likes of Standard Oil, Dupont, and Monsanto demonstrate continuously with their own products and tactics that they would rather have us all dead than allow (much less promote) anything that would threaten their dominions such as genuine free enterprise. Generally speaking, money this big yields to competition only when not doing so poses a fatal threat to its image, and there’s a pretty high threshold for this when you already dominate world markets, have the U.S. government in your back pocket, and own the media (or sleep with those that do).

Once such a fatal threat is posed, the pressure valves are opened, a market share is sacrificed to save the whole beast, and such enterprises will then, to any degree within their means (which are relatively unlimited), either absorb and bury the competition or control the demand for the competitor’s products through intimidation and manipulation of mainstream media. Again, statism – with its courts, police, and federal agencies - is the necessary medium through which this process takes place, and again, in that regard, Big Money LOVES Big Government.

The shared fantasy among giant corporate enterprise is complete ownership of a worldwide, totalitarian, statist society where almost everyone is just barely smart enough to manufacture and purchase cheap “widgits” and plenty dumb enough to do nothing else from cradle to grave. This campaign has been phenomenally successful in the U.S. and much of this success, as far as I can tell, rests on the shoulders of public education and myopic, pro-capitalist scum like Ayn Rand.


GEE: Also, do you really think that state schools would turn out deliberately badly educated 'masses' for the sake of having dumb malliable types around?.....

DADDIO: Yes. That’s the original and primary objective of the public school system. Our public schools were systematically modeled after Austrian public schools which were very open about their slave state agenda even to the degree that they would march children into school at gun point.

GEE: .....I could well believe a statist-collectivist elite to desire that. Do you think a business orientated govt......

DADDIO: Business oriented government??? I thought this was an oxymoron? You know, like “government run capitalist school”?

GEE: ….. Do you think a business orientated govt would look, in education, to hide things like the cause of the great depression (and wrongly paint govt as savior), to mix in 19th century businesspeople with govt corrupt cronies (like the big four) and poison all, to teach all about environmentalism and altruism against rights to property and choice?

DADDIO: Yep. Look, Gee, it’s a package deal. The Government has immense power and loves it. Big industry has immense power and cherishes every minute of it. Neither of these factions are stupid. They know that power and the love of power is what they both hold most dearly and most in common. Its simply not rational to think they wouldn’t team up to protect such a profound mutual interest. Whatever their original intents were, they are now the anti-liberty, pro-brain washing tag team duo from hell and we’re the little rats in their maze that get only what we wrest from their greedy, blood stained hands whether it be liberty, power, or a clean environment.

I invite you to challenge this paradigm to your heart’s content. I’ll tell you up front that pretty much everyone I’ve talked to here that refutes this worldview has either exposed themselves as severely misinformed or is simply and understandably too horrified to think that we are being horribly fucked by both the bounded (government) AND the unbounded (private sector) reflections of our own aspirations AND that they are, for all intents and purposes, one in the same.

Sorry for the bad news.


: :DADDIO: Government run schools are a mandatory staple in a capitalist dominated society, especially in one where the capitalists are as amoral as the ones here (USA). The SMART capitalist knows that he can't just keep killing off his human resources - eventually he has to at least give them the illusion that THEY are in control. So, he has given them puppet rulership via HIS government over key institutions such as the school system.

GEE: The capitalist? A small group of 'illuminati' who can somehow influence all, a network of 100,000s of business owners? Who?

DADDIO: The CEOs, board chairmen, and primary owners and/or stockholders of the dominating oil, power and electric, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and seed, and banking empires. More generally: Anyone worth over a billion dollars that wouldn’t rub two pennies together to create a perpetual heaven on earth if it meant coming down off of the ultimate satanic high: power over others.

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