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I always come twice...

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, Uk ) on May 06, 1999 at 10:20:02:

In Reply to: hang on red, its not the yr 2000 yet posted by Gee on May 05, 1999 at 18:22:54:

: Its not a 'social function'. Its an activity. Playing ball is an activity. Each has their consequences and motiovations.

Playing ball on yer tod is a personal activity, playing with friends is a social activity, if you play ball with friends, you have to play by the agreed rules. Its damned hard to play cricket on yer tod.

: The farmer and those otehrs reserve the right to exchange as they wish, to mutual advantage, not at the behest of others.

But its not *their* field, effectively they are just managers working a field for an absentee landlord, except this landlord is the whole human race...

: No, you can deny your individuality. It still exists.

I'm an individual, I am unique, but I am not coherent, nor unitary and mondic, I only exist through my relationships, through my culture and society, through my socialisation- through my other.

: : 'Slavery exists in America- its called jury service.'

: Yes

Where is the exploitation? Who is using you, except yourself, being as how as a member of society, you have a duty to defend its liberies (and thus your own), surely the Jury service is an act of freedom? I really and honestly cannot understand your viewpoint.

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