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Posted by: bill on May 06, 1999 at 10:26:13:

::A collective is a collective. Problems of "dilution" may not be part
::of a collective's value structure.

:It may not, but I think the assumption to be a realistic reflection of :how humans are. If you dont, can you explain why not?

---- It may be a realistic reflection of how people are in the current capitalist paradigm. Acquisativeness, competition, and sense of property rights have been found not to be a human universal. Cases where this assumption break down are to be found in
Hunter-Gatherer societies, or those with "Immediate Return" rather than "Delayed Return" economies. Admittedly these are rare, but the
point is that there is no "inherent" concept of "property rights" as you present them. A discussion of this can be found in "Limited Want,
Unlimited Means" - A Reader on Hunter-Gatherer Economics and the Environment. Attitudes toward "property" are largely determined by
the way an economy is structured and the cultural morays. You might regard these "morays" as a form of cultural indoctrination. They might
be. We are "indoctrinated" not to go out in public bare-assed. Some cultures have less "indoctrination" in these matters.

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