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I am trying to find a link to the ills of our society

Posted by: Nick ( Australia ) on May 06, 1999 at 10:38:52:

In Reply to: Marxism is definitely valid today (and Engels too) posted by Earth Person on May 04, 1999 at 11:51:03:

I am continually interested to see political progression tied to natural evolution that Darwin revealed. Surely the system and methods we use to run our society have an independant, 'guided' direction following the sways of the larger poplace. The popular and longer term, i.e.50 years plus, adoption of a political system is surely based on smaller groups exposing a political viewpoint that is somehow (through violence, demonstrations or information dispersal, among others) adopted by the majority.

A system in a heavily capitalised world is a strong mix of a government which holds and runs social services, transport, a communication company, etc. similar to a communist party based government to a society that is able to encourage personal achievement, some notion of status and personal encouragement, without becoming slaves to these.

Focus on identity of a country may allow the adoption of some of these concepts. By focusing the goals of the population on the well being of their country, then personal sacrifices are surely more likely to be made. The sustainability of this system is therefore based upon the return to the people of the hard work. Often personal reward is possible through acknowledgement of their efforts. A government that makes certain concessions to hardworking citizens is more likely to have an efficient society while satisfying the majority, if they have a mix of ideologies.

Perpetuation of political thought depends on the number of supporters over time. The example of Singapore as a "Dictatorship" under Lee Qan Yoo (?) has created an obediant, if subserviant society, that functions efficiently with little chance of revolution. The mix of political thought has been enforced and they are not perfect by any means but it is an example of a method that works.
Could this idea of a blend of socialism and capitalism be viable to perpetuate the state of society and even enhance the emotional well being of a society?
This last sentence is based on personal observations that beyond buying something, either a book, or a ticket to an event, there is little to satisfy the emotional well being of an individual in a society that is widely available. The popularity of antidepressants, limited state compassion to substance abusers and the increase of the security market based on the 'safety' of the consumers. Here, I am trying to find a link to the ills of our society and this is my start.
Please criticise, OBJECTIVELY.

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