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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, Uk ) on May 07, 1999 at 10:09:28:

In Reply to: Because posted by Gee on May 06, 1999 at 15:28:25:

: How do you enforce that everyone must recognise it? Many will simply not follow it. If C2 are abusing C1s productivity by freeloading how do you stop it? If some people decide that the rewards of not working are the same as working but at less personal expense (time and effort) then they are exploiting the producers.

You are still assuming that C1 and C2 are seperate communes, under socialism they would be the same commune. If C2 doesn't work, to the best that it can, then the system will simply fall apart, because people will see them as free loaders.

: but there is no provision from stopping it happening, nor from 'raids' of smiling 'sharers' taking goods and disappearing back to their own non-productive commune (thus not caring about popularity in C1)

1:You are still assuming two speerate communes.
2:Yes, if that started happening C1 would stop giving, and C2 would be stuffed.

: So as not to be pushed into the C1 situation.

But individuating creates the C1 scenario, by assuming two seprate communes.

: Trying hard to farm and making no food means no food. Results no sweat. If that seems 'unfair' then how?

How can one try hard and produce nothing? Surely they would be producing what their communes local would permit them to produce, if not they could work on the produce of others at a secondary level, go into high tech goods, etc.

: Tada!!! youve got it again.

Yes, this is why we must all agree to do it, and why its in everyones self inerest to not sponge.

: Youre answering my assertion that socialism will not come about, and will not work if it by chance did.

No, I'm saying that it would work, precisely because of teh possibility of such failure, people would have to produce and work, in order to continue enjoying the benefits.

: Somthing they might be happy to do.

Indeed, but lets not forget the refugee factor here...

This is what I have meant all along, socialism is voluntary, but it is also propped up by self interest, I work because if I don't the community fails, if the community fails, my interests are hurt. One world, one commune.

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