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Proposal for Archive Site

Posted by: rabblerouser ( independent anarchist/socialist, 3rd rock from Sol ) on May 07, 1999 at 10:46:09:

Greetings McSpotlight:

I must say that your debating room is indeed splendid. However, is it possible to maybe retire old postings into an archive so that those who wish to access old postings may do so while others can easily access recent/current postings?

Unfortunately some of us are afflicted with "slow modem and memory-challenged syndrome," thus making website reception a bit cumbersome.

However, aside from this minor inconvenience, your debating room is excellent.

McSpotlight: We are currently putting the final touches to a complete revamp of these Debating Rooms; it's one of the features in the new DR (or was, last time I heard); there will be a "current" archive and a "historical" archive.

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