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The Paradox for a Scotish Socialists and Charity Givers

Posted by: V.K. ( Student, UK ) on May 07, 1999 at 12:16:39:

With the recent Scotish Elections, the way in which party placed themself has created a paradox for Scotish socialists. After Tony Blair's 'Third Way' it has left Britain without a major British Party representing the workers, and so The Scotish National Party (SNP) has become the most left wing party, opposing Tution Fees, against the war in the Balkans, put up taxes for better public services, oppopses the Private Finance Inititave (PFI) etc...
So you think the answer is simple, Scotish Socialists should just vote SNP, but the SNP are nationalist Party, commited to the seperation of SCotland from the UK and creating an idenpendenet Scotland. Though I have no problem with an independent Scotland, I think nationalist partys create friction and hatred between other countries. The issue of independence should not be important, but the issue how and who governs you is the only thing that matters. The issue of independence is used to create friction and hatred between Scots and English, when they should be uniting against the capatalist system.
Another paradox occurs whenever I am asked to give to charity. I think to myself, yes this is right as I have enough food, clothes etc and people in Kosovo, Africa etc don't. So I give, BUT this is shiffting blame from Governments and the UN, who should be working together to eradicate world poverty, and it should not be left to poeple to do what they can. (Incidently with the loans given out by the IMF recently if had been given to better causes would have erdicated world poverty......but NO this money was used to support the Capatalists system)

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