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Posted by: Lark ( Independent socialist, Ireland ) on May 07, 1999 at 12:20:56:

In Reply to: ISN'T COMMUNISM GREAT? posted by CHAD GREENWAY on May 06, 1999 at 10:30:59:

America has a secret culture which is the product of the continued attempts of the people in power to infuse them with a verison of ultra protestantism.

If you look at the McCarthy trials they asked the people, aside from are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party? (Take me I hate party structures but I'm getting my mail checked by the government and helicopters take pictures of my house and the area), if they believed in God and concured with the principals of the Bible? (forgetting that the disciples where a bunch of libertarian communists).

Then you've got prohibition of alcohol, why? Trying to infuse a common culture on the "melting pot", a common culture intrinsically protestant. Not protestant in a good way either like the Bruderhof communities who live as communists and resist the state and violence of any type, no this protestantism is slavishly adherent to the work ethic (Mug Ethic, work hard all your life as a binman and your still a binman at the end of it, it's a reworked blessed the rich philosophy that Christ would have hated) and the pious emphasis on resisting things like alcohol (itself just a call to the people not to consume commodities with disrupt production etc.).

This has went on until it's got to the stage where in itself this culture is unidentifiable, ingrained, people are anti-communist who've never meet a communist, the working class are convince that they fought communism for the good of their naiton, maybe fighting dictatorship was spot on but fighting all varieties of communism just served the capitalists of all classes.

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