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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, Uk ) on May 07, 1999 at 16:40:31:

Seeing as how our values differ, this is teh roots cause of our disagreement, so lets examine our value bases, shall we?

: You understand this fatal flaw, thats good.

But its not a fatal flaw, its a fundamental necessity to make teh system work.

: It doesnt matter if the exmaple was only C1, with one set of people producing and anothr freloading.

But you're still assuming two sets of people. And its not in anyones self interest to allow the system to fail.

: Goodbye socialism. Lets wait for the nature of humankind to change.

Ah, the old human nature is constant line- no, human nature changes, it changed vastly when capitalism came about, and it can change again, it changes according to teh way we organise society economically. I could just as easilly disproove capitalism by asking why don't people just steal things- the state couldn't cope with mass theft, so there must be some cultural element to it.

: Bad weather, lack of skill, stupidity, wasteful management.

All of which C1 could help them overcome and get them to full productivity.

Anyhow, the threads gotten circular, read the URL, and we can discuss it somewhere else, e-mail me if you want to...

Hegel by Hypertext

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