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I've concluded that the majority of people would

Posted by: Chris on May 11, 1999 at 07:08:43:

In Reply to: One size doesn't fit all, now does it? posted by Last Frontier on May 07, 1999 at 10:47:50:

: In regards to-Just think a society without classes a society were equality is the norm.

: Have you ever stopped to think that people don't want to live in a society without classes?

Yes I have and I've concluded that the majority of people would and given the opportunity (i.e. a viable means of gaining it and belief that such a society would work) most people would opt for such a society. Every one is sick of working harder for less results while a minority flaunt their wealth. We are meant to spend our lifes working instead of fulfilling our desires and then we are meant to spend our free time consuming useless products or mindless entertainment, while being grateful that we don't live in Kosovo or don't sleep in a doorway (the ultimate threat for those who don't play the game of everyday life.)

:Isn't it obvious that they don't? Can that not be respected/accepted by the likes of you? Or do you honestly believe that your way is the best way? If you would think so, how arrogant. To push forward with such a system without the consent of the people of the state/country- would be tyranny.

So tyranny in the form of law enforcement, supervision of labour, control of resourses, control of the media and control of property does not count as pushing forward the capitalist way?

: People desire to have the freedom to choose their 'station' in life meaning to be given the opportunity to. This is equality,given equal chance to the peoples to make of their life as they will. This equality doesn't discriminate against any class of people thus does not hinder the individual. This is what we call a 'free' society. You would choose to live in a different one?

People do not control their station. To start with everyone is born into a social class. After this everyone grows up with in their particular class culture. Class mobility is possible but normally limited and is marked by movement between the working class and the middle class, it is extremely rare for any one from these classes to join the ruling class and for any one to fall from the ruling class. Even those who do lose wealth retain their original class contacts, for a member of the ruling class to completely lose position they have to completely reject the 'game' of class society. The idea of social mobility, with the promise of promotion to higher class being the ultimate reward is something that is invented to justify the majority living in controlled poverty and to keep us competeing with each other for something better. Even if it was possible it would not make society alright. The only time class society seems fine is if you are at the top.

: As long as we desire to make of our life as we will(blame our human nature for not wanting anything less), as long as we enjoy freedom, as long as we choose to maintain our individuality and are willing to defend it...a socialistic society just wont do.

As long as we believe in exploiting others, as long as we live for work and not our desires, as long as our freedom is rationed we won't have a just society.

: A question to your question-Isn't Communism great? Well, if it is than why has it failed?

When has communism truely been tried (and please don't mention state capitalist dictatorships such as Cuba and the USSR.)

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