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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, Uk ) on May 11, 1999 at 18:55:22:

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: To start, I will not do the injustice to mankind by falling back on that weakest and most innacurate of 'human nature' defences - the argument which goes "humans are naturally greedy what can be done" - with its implication that mankind is 'bad' by nature, and that changing the nature is desirable - both if which I reject.

Glad to hear, didn't think you held it, though you did seem to be sailing close.

: I do believe that humankind has a specific nature, that self interest creates conflict between people which requires peaceful resolution - and that resolution by 'vote' or by force does not resolve.

Surely resolution by vote is just as much a peaceful culturalised resolution as resolution by money- after all, money is just a cultural construct, and unless you want to revert to barter, it is a signifier that must be anchored by Authority (despite your musing that competition between currencies might be an option, all it would be is competition between the powerful garaunters of money).

:That the changes required for the stateless socialism you propose to work are beyond the scope of education, force or any other change dynamic. If I did not believe this, then I would have more support for your proposal.

The change dynamic is in fact the experience of daily life- we are next door to the kind of co-operation required, we allready live in complex socialised structures of production, all we need to do is push it all the way, so that we can lvie fully in socialised production.

All I can offer is the historical example of the shift from fuedalism to capitalism, and the vast changes in consciousness that entailed.

: I do have another issue to discuss, but ill post afresh.

Oh, goody.

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Put too many 'r's in Avineri.


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