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you are the final word in what Libertarian is?

Posted by: Lark on May 11, 1999 at 19:00:18:

In Reply to: Plays spot teh swipe. posted by Red Deathy on May 07, 1999 at 14:58:45:

:the platform of my own party

Enough said.

:inconsistant with a libertarrian point of view, with the general tenor of what you yourself espoused

OK you are the final word in what Libertarian is? When I looked up Libertarian in the Dictionary it said that it was one who agreed with freedom of action and thought which is entirely consistant with what I consider to be my views.

If I had said this was my view and the world must be policed in accordance that would not be consistantly libertarian.

:other than disagreeing with you, that you yourself are at some level aware of this contradiction.

RD if havent realised you do have a slavish following, I've seen it remarked in unrelated posts, if RD could intervene or something to that effect, therefore when you have got people willing to adopt your views as Gospel you must understand then that, probubly without approval, political sectarianism follows.

:What disturbed me most was that you were more willing to abandon calling yourself libertarian purely because you have a 'disgust' for homosexuality, and couldn't logically justify it.

I couldnt logically justify? Surely inaccordance with your logic that atomic bombs etc. are natural, that if it can be done it is natural, then my views are also natural, however that is for another debate, I was to abandon calling myself a libertarian if it meant something I found abhorant, abandoning the principles of libertarianism and the label are to different matters.

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