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Voting changes nothing

Posted by: Chris on May 12, 1999 at 14:11:15:

In Reply to: Move to Cuba or N Korea posted by Gee on May 11, 1999 at 11:11:12:

: The closest approximations - they are state socialist though (it doesnt matter if they are 'left' or 'right' socialist incidently), the fact they are heavily controlled by state tells you how much the people really want that type of socialism - ie not much.

Although every society carrys the seeds of anarcho-communism and has examples of people freely shareing resources with in it so don't be put off by state 'socialist' countrys which seemto have more in common with capitalist countrys (in that they ruling class benefits from the labour of others.)

: I recommend you discuss socialism with Red Deathy, see if he can persuade you to atleast do away with state first.

: I would suggest you are 'doomed' to spend alot of time in a heavily over governed quasi fascist police state (be it UK or US) unless you vote constantly for less government in every area of life.

Voting changes nothing, the machinery of government is their to manage capitalism. During the 80's Thatcher continually attacked and disssolved the UK's welfare state and state owned industrys (an example of capitalism restructuring according to the market needs). Yet this apparent libertarian capitalist erosion of the state had to be coupled with the strengthening of law enforcement agencys and the erosion of freedoms. The only way to truely have less government is to destroy capitalism.

: btw, nice try of shifting the blame for USSR failure.

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