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Why socialists should first vote libertarian

Posted by: Crimson Tide ( warming to socialism slowly!, us ) on May 12, 1999 at 14:16:23:

The one big mistakes socialists make is voting for social democrats. Why? Because this only increases the size of the state and the likelihood that we will end up under state socialism - a dictatorship.

Ive seen refreeshing people here talking about socialism in terms of individual freedomand I like what I read.

But its not going to come about if you vote for more regulations and more controls - as sdf would want - that just makes the state larger and the people ever more 'subject' to the leaders and the elite who influence them.

If you want socialism without the state, then your first move should be to reduce the state to the barest minimum - and libertarians are the best bet because, property aside, they have surprisingly much in common with stateless socialists.

Vote against the control freaks - or you'll end up in an increasingly totalitarian state and frankly it doesn matter whether that is 'socialist', 'fascist' or anythingist! it boils down to the same thing - the state will own you.

come on then workers (well, just poeple woul do!) of the world - cast off the shackles of government and reclaim your life!

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