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Posted by: Last Frontier ( U.S.A. ) on May 12, 1999 at 14:16:54:

Historically human values have been the core of all governments. The battles faught between nations have been over ideals. Meshing of ideas as a result of the winner have created deep rifts among the conquered people. Culturally they have not been conquered. Reemergance of their culture is imminant. The conqueror has only enslaved the conquered economically.
The architechure of indigeny is foremost in all historical societies has been the threat of understandable and acceptable cause of its people.
Introduction of a new system has always been regarded as completely foreign and questionable in its effectivness because the old ways were understood. The notion that the conquerorers could impliment their ideals on the people without impunity was a mistake. All new ideals were forced upon their indiginous customs and beliefs. This is historical fact.
Only under the false guise have a proud sovereign people fallen into the hands of depotism ie. leninism (deluded marxism) Hitlerism (fascism) etc. Under all forms of these types of control (albeit under the guise for the betterment of the people/nation) there has been a central form of government that wielded uquestionable power.
Any form of government has a central structure of power. All peoples look for structure. It is a social neccesity. The reliance may be for a variety of reasons. Religion plays a major role in most. The benifit of religion has proven to be the gell of its society. This is undisputed. To maintain a social balance this has proven to be over the centuries the only form of intelligent government.
Ideals by the elite intellectuals have never come to fruition for a precise reason. They have ommited an obvious parts of the equation; human nature, and a need for spirituality. The ideals needed by humans have always been of that concerning the afterlife. The absence of that is one of absalute destitution. Thus the best form of goverment is one that combines religious beliefs that interact with the acceptance of personal beliefs. The greatest empires of history were knowlegable of this recipe. And yet, they were societies with classes.
Each class was intricle to the entire stucture of this empire. Human nature played a role in this also. With class distinction there was disgrunteledness among a few. However, for society to be functional, once again, it was a neccesity. There has always been a need for a centrist form of power to rule a body of people. How that centrist power decides to impart upon its people a dictate is soley up to them. The approval is not neccesarily that of the people.

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