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Yup, that's me!

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Arrogant People for a Good Pseudo-Intellectual Condescension, USA ) on May 12, 1999 at 18:12:07:

In Reply to: arrogant psuedo intellectuals posted by Crimson Tide on May 12, 1999 at 13:59:30:

: I wasnt going to post today, but you deserve this (i did post to you once before) and I hope McSpotlight will allow me this exchange - coz I think its warranted and relavent, and I speak as one who once might have joined mr fassbinders privaliged intellectual college socialist clubs.

SDF: What reasons would you have had for "joining my socialist club"? What rendered them invalid? My arrogance?

: I went back to read how this mighty man of intellect has 'defeated' Gee, Lark, Red Deathy and other peoples points in this and other topics. Youve 'blown away' and 'shown' nothing except to your particular satisfaction, Ive never seen a poster so overestimate his own credibility as you. Your pretense at being an authority on capitalism, socialism, world politics and ecology, your manipulative rewriting of others points is an ad hominein approach to responding and gives a very different impression to the one you may imagine.

: Its this attitude that turns people away from socialism.

SDF: I should clarify my attitude toward socialism. SOCIALISTS ARE ALLOWED TO DREAM. That's why I defend them so often. My candidate for the reality of the future is located here. I wish it weren't true.

: If anyone here gets my respect for still being socialist its Red Deathy - he can counter Gee's and othe capitalist types with thought out arguments, philosophy and a distinct lack of condescension.

SDF: Guess what? RD really IS a socialist. I'm just a Green.

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