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It is unnatural to live without some trade standard.

Posted by: Ludwig von Mises ( USA ) on May 13, 1999 at 18:09:38:

In Reply to: No Shift Needed. posted by Red Deathy on May 11, 1999 at 18:54:23:

: : Maybe if they only looked at two people's projects. However, they are responsible for everyone in middle management, which is one of the reasons that they are payed more.

: But MP's a responsible for the whole of British Government, and only get 40,000 (a fair whack in itself), an easilly comparable job.

And how much profit/trade value/property did Britain acquire/make during the last year?

: : Maybe, but the shift of money from the office to the factory floor would not benefit office workers. You can't take the money only from the top executives and expect everyones pay to be even, you have to take quite a bit from the middle as well.

: Actually, no, I would abolish money altogether, hence the middle-management and the shop floor workers would gain equally, and only the folk that live off profits would truely lose out. My heart bleeds for them.

Abolish money? Even the most primative nations had some form of money. It is unnatural to live without some trade standard. The people with the most money also have the most posessions, and if all trade were to be stopped, noone would work and everyone would have exactly what they had to begin with.

: : However, a magazine that is mainly for top executives that gives the credit to top executives is not a good reason to cry revolution.

: No, its simply an example of the mindset of our rulers- congratulating themselves for all their hard work and success.

This forum is the perfect example of not giving any credit to the upper management. Nobody that is constantly slamming them is one of them, hence they are only attributing the success of a company to themselves.

: : In most companies, everyone in an office can get a bonus and is gets options as an accepted form of pay, and the factory workers sometimes get a bonus in the form of a raise, which can eventually get them into the office.

: If you looked at that more carefully, you'd see that for most workers the so called bonus is really a part of their wage, and wages rise when the market demands. The bonuses for directors are just sharing out the spoils. And again- some people get bonusses for doing nothing, other than investing in shares.

What CEO bought stock and got a bonus for it? BTW, many people on the top don't get bonuses.

: : Many CEOs haven't even finished college, and go only by wit and experience. It takes a special type of knowledge to be in senior management, something that can't be learned in college or even from experience. A good CEO etc has plenty of experience in the feild and has lots of brain power for doing that type of job. This is why there is not an oversupply, not because a bunch of guys in custom suits are coming togeather figuring out how to stay in power.

: Hmmm, you romanticise somewhat. There is an over supply, however, its usually conmtained by the corporate structure (the less successful settle for jobs lower down the line).

Most everyone starts at the bottom. Success is making it to the top.

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