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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on May 17, 1999 at 12:49:17:

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This response went to the core issue, so i will answer it.

: consider as a possibility that the possible fate of humankind could turn out to be like the fate of Easter Island

No, I do not discount it. Believe it or not I used to be very much in favor of environmental controls for everything as a teenager until I started reading 'green' literature and other scientific literature on the matter. My skepticism regarding the 'green movement' is typified by the recent frog and salamander fiasco in America. An apparent case of pollution is leapt upon with zeal and used as a reason to call for more and more controls over individuals, regardless of the actual reason (parasite) which is then discounted. So the motivation is what I am skeptical about. Is it the environment thats the focus or is the environment being used as an excuse for powermongers?

It is also worth mentioning that what happened on Easter Island may happen on the rest of earth, and it may not. To present it as a model of the whole earth is a misrepresentation, the worhsip of non-reality by religious islanders is an extreme. It would be interesting to review the cultures in your reference and discover how many of them expended energy and resources in pursuit of the non-real, then we might be beginning to find a model.

: No. Are you offering to buy land and tools for me and my destitute friends, so we can indeed have a commune? Or are we still merely engaged in dreary competition for the same jobs in the global job market?

If 100 families can buy 100 seperate houses then 100 families can buy suficient land and tools with their current resources to support themselves in a 'simpler' lifestyle, the sum market price of which would be very little compared to 100 modern households. Why are they not doing this? Why are they choosing not to do this when they can?

Dont bar yourself from a commune by placing a condition on the rest of humanity to change first, it wont happen. Don't blame your personal lack of resources (you do have a salary as a teacher) If others are living in communes at present then the only thing stopping you from doing so is you.

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