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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialsit Party, Uk ) on May 17, 1999 at 15:17:36:

In Reply to: More... posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on May 17, 1999 at 13:06:16:

: SDF: RD, could you please elaborate on what you know about Fischer's politics? A friend of mine who researched the issue claims that Fischer is a conservative. I guess it's "liberals" who are supposed to support the war in the US, they're also supposed to support phonies like Bill Clinton, whatever...

Erm, media sources suggested that back in the '70s at least he was a millitant leftist, he may well ahve calmed down, certainly he's of the realist camp- my only other source is a german Girlfriend and green sympathiser. ;)

: SDF: Sure, but I still have to wonder whether the "leaders" consulted the "followers" when deciding to equate a largely gratuitous bombing attack, designed to replace the UN with NATO, with the "nonviolence" inscribed in the Green canon of values... at least the US Greens have thought about this...

Indeed, but thats just it, the national Constitution means that they don't actually have to, and there's fuck all the membership, rank and file can do about it, except remember and do Fischer's legs whenever the opportunity arrises.

: SDF: Let's use some creativity to attack this problem, not just throw up our hands and give up. I'm still asking questions, not claiming to know the answers.

Well, my solution has been to demand a revolutionary option, to replace Representative democracy with Direct democracy, perhaps binding contracts for Bundesrat members? However, I suspect any constitional court would say that the constituional powers and privelleges of parliament.congress/whatever, woudl overide such a contract- they are there to serve 'the People' not their party (official line).

: SDF: What happens if the German Green public decides that they don't have to vote for the Greens if they want a political party to support the bombing?

Then they get stuffed at the next election. But the next elections four years away, they have to stay in power now to deliver their programme- they might say, were they a majority party, they wouldn't have launched the war, however, I doubt that...oh, apparently Fischer has a long history of being anti-NATO...so and was persauded to back the war by the french Green bloke...

: SDF: And their arguments for Fischer being a Green?

Historical largely.

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