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The UE's take...(as distinguised from the EU's take)

Posted by: bill on May 21, 1999 at 22:12:00:

Executive Board Statement of The United Electrical workers union (UE)

End Ethnic Cleansing, Stop the Bombing


"The Alliance is a Cold-War creation with no relevance in the present era except as a potential enforcer for NAFTA, GATT, the EU and MAI * for transnational corporations and banks....

"We are also told that the war is necessary to "redefine" NATO and to give NATO new "credibility." Reinventing a role for NATO is not worth a single life, American, Serbian or Albanian....

"Western powers currently engaged in the military campaign against Yugoslavia contributed to the 1980s break-up of the former federal republic and unleashing of militant nationalism by imposing a series of economic reforms designed to turn the Balkan nation into a safe haven for runaway shops. These "reforms" included wage freezes, privatization and the destruction of Yugoslavia*s welfare safety net. An austerity program required by the International Monetary Fund led the central government to suspend payments to the republics and autonomous provinces (including Kosovo), fueling sectional differences. The regions were forced to compete for fewer scraps on the federal table. Milosevic, who promoted "market-oriented reforms," worked to divide working-class unity by promoting Serb nationalism. Sponsored by Western powers, Yugoslav republics unilaterally seceded. The scene was set for bloody war in Bosnia, and the repression of Albanians in Kosovo. In recent years, the Milosevic regime has been opposed by mass demonstrations of workers, farmers and students * who now dodge NATO bombs. UE believes that the United Nations properly should have been given the opportunity to lead the international community*s search for a solution * and that the UN remains the best vehicle to bring a just peace to Kosovo."

This short paragraph contains more than the 17 miles of mainstream media "analysis".

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