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No Way!

Posted by: Asarualim on May 25, 1999 at 11:03:15:

In Reply to: Capitalism and making homelessness posted by eeze on May 24, 1999 at 12:42:35:

: I think there is a way to stop homelessness and its to do with people having properties to themselves. There are 1000s of peoples houses all over the country with spare rooms. They shouldnt just stay empty, there should be a law that if you have an extra room then you have to let a homeless person have it, otherwise youd be leaving them on the streets which is just not fair.

: If you try and get out of it then you should be fined or your house possessed so that homeless or poor people can have it.

: that would be fair, what say you comrades?

ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Over my dead body! We are responsible for our fellow man in so far as we live in a community of individuals, but to demand that each individual take such an active role is a flagrant violation of privacy.

We have government programs paid for by the general public to support the homeless, the poor, the needy, etc. The idea is to spread the burden of supporting these people among the general populace and not encumber anyone individual too much. In a sense, most social programs are just a form of insurance program for society, collectivizing risk and spreading it evenly and thinly out as possible.

To make indviduals quarter the homeless is not only unpleasant and a violation of privacy, but also abrrogates the insurance policy like effect of social welfare programs.

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