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Why didnt you wish to debate?

Posted by: Lark ( Ireland ) on May 25, 1999 at 17:07:35:

In Reply to: Change of Mind posted by Shannon on May 24, 1999 at 23:57:53:

: I have had a change of mind. I was going to engage in a debate, but as a libertarian, it would seem an entire waste of time to do so. As a departing note, ditch the use of the word "capitalism". There is no ism or belief called capitalism, it was just a convenient term invented by communists. I participate in many libertarian forums as well as know many libertarians, and the term capitalism is never used.

Here we have a classic example of how language is used in propagandist means even without the individuals involved being aware of it.

Capitalism is a word created by socialists and it reeks of greed, selfishness, inequity and death, as it should, now to avoid the unpleasant association of the REAL WORLD and the CONSEQUENCES of their political beliefs libertarians have opted to create their entirely abstract language of "Freedom" we no longer have capitalism we have "free" markets, therefore opposing such views instantaniously results in the rejection of freedom and your instantly evil.

Fantastic way of closing down debate altogether though, looks like this is Marcuses One Dimensional Man in highest gear.

Why didnt you wish to debate? Is it because this isnt an exclusively capitalist site? Is it easier to live in a cosy unchallenging environment where everyone agrees with you or engage in a battle of ideas, for you it appears wimping out is a good option.

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