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Read on and all will be revealled.

Posted by: Lark ( Ireland ) on May 26, 1999 at 17:50:21:

In Reply to: being frightened posted by Gee on May 25, 1999 at 17:11:48:

: What exactly did you base the Lark 30-30-40 model (1999) on?

Read on and all will be revealled.

: Speculations? Blind assertions?

Why never my friend, Will Hutton "The state we're in" (1996) I dont have the book handy to check his sources but as an esteemed keynesian economist who regularly writes for a respectable broadsheet I'd assume they are accurate.

: Really Lark, youve done better

Really Gee? How brilliant, you could do better than attack my sources too, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong but you and your associates support extremes of inequity because the chance exists that the last may become first.

How misguided, if I where first I would not cede position even to the deserving, however if I where first a number of forces would be ranged to protect my position including misguided politicos like yourself who would believe my propaganda.

:- show evidence of why it is, how it is and its workings - dont just say "30 percent do this" and "30 percent do that" as if the sentences are self validating truths.

Why no I dont but I have provided a source for anyone truly interested to investigate, would you be one? Or are you merely making your opposition known without any real interest in what the opposition are professing?

: Incidently, I am suitably frightened you'll be pleased.

Renewing your NRA membership this year then proud defender of the privileged and obnoxious?

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