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The necessary end of the nation state.

Posted by: borg on May 27, 1999 at 10:09:25:

In Reply to: Indeed. posted by Red Deathy on May 25, 1999 at 17:06:17:

: : I know quite a number of radical individualist atheists.

: I was talking about the Pilgrims...they were filthy protestant types ;)

: : I would rephrase by saying the free market is necessary to
: : create the conditions to make socialism possible. State capitalism
: : will not make it happen. Too many inhibitions on production
: : in that system.

: Indeed, however, we have already had teh free market,

I musta been asleep. When and where?

:state capitalism is the result of the stangancy that results from the free market hitting its limits- the forces of production are *allready* sufficiently developed for us to build socialism.

Disagree. The nation state has to go first, as I'm sure it will...
in about 10 years I'd say. [See _The End of the Nation State_
by Kenichi Ohmae and _The Sovereign Individual_, by Davidson
and Rees-Mogg]

Secondly, there is no "regional" free market and never has been. A free
market exists only where there are no unwanted third parties
to our transactions...like a drug deal, or a yard sale etc.

: : Unhampered production is the *only* thing that will bring
: : prices to at or near zero. The open market is the only
: : non-system that will make it happen. It's a pre-requisite.

: But that would never happen. Eventually the law of no-profit not production comes round and bites you on the arse- scracity is artifically maintained to protect the market system.

One can only produce so many Nikes for the world or whatever...

It won't be long now.

: This is teh socialist case, that there is a limit on capitalism, it can only go so far, it won't 'evolve' further, it will only achieve true abundance through a revolutionary break...

That (r)evolutionary break will come with the end of the
nation state.

Coming soon to a street near you.

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