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I'm all intrigued!

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on May 27, 1999 at 10:14:10:

In Reply to: Read on and all will be revealled. posted by Lark on May 26, 1999 at 17:50:21:

: Read on and all will be revealled.

I'm all intrigued!

: Why never my friend, Will Hutton "The state we're in" (1996) I dont have the book handy to check his sources but as an esteemed keynesian economist who regularly writes for a respectable broadsheet I'd assume they are accurate.

Considering that you consider the media to be a 'tool of the capitalists' arent you doing Hutton a disservice there? Regardless, writing for broadsheets and being 'Keynesian' doesnt equate with instant credibility, but I get your point - sufficient people hold him in high regard to publish his work.

: correct me if I'm wrong but you and your associates support extremes of inequity because the chance exists that the last may become first.

No, 'we' dont support extremes of inequity or a lack of inequity for any end, chance or otherwise. Individual liberty only.

:Politicos like yourself who would believe my propaganda.

What propoganda?, I feel youre digging a hole for yourself if you imagine myself to be the one who nods slavishly at the 6 oclock news and looks no further.

: Why no I dont but I have provided a source for anyone truly interested to investigate,

I looked up the book (ASIN: 0224036882, ISBN 0 09 936681 9 ) but the title is apparently out of print. Perhaps the content is (atleast partially) online?

I did find some reviews of it and get the 'jist', Where he loses a little credibility is in describing Britain as being subject to "Ungoverned British capitalism". I have to assume he *did not* mean free markets, as such do not exist in Britain. his conclusions then might do well to criticize the current setup of mixing business and govt, and of the lack of any constitution in Britain, but wouldnt really be criticizing free trade or property (and he owns plenty it seems). He also seems to go on about classess all the time, with the false implication that you are what you are born and thats that.

You might have read his discussion with Robert Skidelsky, who povided counterviews to Huttons leftist economics, this piece is a better criticism, although I dont necessarily agree with the author either.


: Renewing your NRA membership this year then proud defender of the privileged and obnoxious?

If i am considered to be "privileged and obnoxious" by you then thats fine, and I do have the right to defend myself, as do you and every human. You of all people would favor self defence and the means to this wouldnt you?

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