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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on May 28, 1999 at 13:56:10:

Just as indivuals, but speaking from a political point of view, do you support the free access to and use of strong encryption software which allows e-mails to be sent which cannot be read by government officials (or other bodies) of any kind.

To answer for myself - yes. Software like PGP is not only central to your right to privacy and to conduct free speech it also curbs the ability any other individual or group from spying on you.

It has consequences for trade occuring outside of the legislative loop (including taxes), for allowing information *of any kind* to be sent without regard to the legality of that information.

People against encryption argue that criminals will use it, that it will undermine the status quo (it will!) and then ask "well, what do you want to keep secret anyway?" To which the correct response is "none of your business".

Infact that last comment alludes to the corrosion of the legal system from "innocent until proven guilty" to what is increasingly the current position "presumed guilty if you have the means to commit a crime". Police state mentality.

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