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Some good thinking.

Posted by: borg on June 01, 1999 at 10:07:57:

In Reply to: First the mentality of the youth must change………. posted by V.K. on May 26, 1999 at 19:08:04:

: Though possibly the most worrying thing I have heard is when a friend of mine said 'we need somebody to lead us' he said this when discussing various Governments, and someone mentioned full-blown anarchy (though I am not my-self anarchist).

I think you may become one.

In any case you have hit on the most worrying thing that
I have seen: that we should have a Glorious Leader to
lead us to The Promised Land.

I'm confident that this leader has goals and ideas
different from yours or mine and just about everyone

When most of us realize we can control our own lives--if we
chose--we will have arrived at The New Renaissance.

Of course, a pre-requisite to this is convincing those
who would *control* our lives that they should give it

: Challenging the mentality of the youth of today must the number one priority of all radical groups, because the longer Governments can continue this brain-washing the harder it is going to be for alternatives to gain any sort of power or following.

You are on the right track.

What carefully for the Glorious Leader to emerge then
find his weakness and expose it for all to see.

"People who believe that individualism is the best method of assuring
the survival of humanity, as a species and as individual human
beings, can only rejoice at the incredible violence Clinton does
to the idea that 'leadership'--the code-word of collectivism--is
anything other than a vicious lie." --Greg Swann

: I would like to hear from other young people you have had similar experiences to the ones I have described,

: My e-mail address is VIVD@CWCOM.NET

: Yours In Solidarity
: V.K.

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