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I'll thank you not to patronsie me!!

Posted by: V.K. ( Student, Uk ) on June 01, 1999 at 10:14:57:

In Reply to: Very rational train of thought there young (red) lad. posted by Shannon on May 28, 1999 at 08:01:07:

: Interesting. Earlier you said that students mentality needs to be changed, or in other words, there own decisions as to what's right isn't correct, and socialists need to correct it for them. Yet here you say that they can't think for themselves. Very rational train of thought there young (red) lad.

First please don't patronise me, I have no idea what you think gives you the right to call me 'young lad'.

Second point, I don't socialists should correct people, but I people, and especially teenages should be able to make up their own minds, which is not being allowed at the moment due to the nature of people LIKE Murdoch and his press machine.

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