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Socialism, an American possibility?

Posted by: Asarualim on June 01, 1999 at 12:37:24:

In Reply to: My 'ideology' or lack thereof posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on May 27, 1999 at 10:16:40:

Yeah, the US does more than its fair share of foreign domination and lording it over the rest of the world's countries. Unfortunately, America's capitalist system makes this unlikely at the least and probably impossible. Remember, the US interferes only in countries wher eit has a "strategic interest" i.e. American investment. As long as American multinational corporations continue to invest around the world and control vast amounts of developing nations' economies the US will continue to intervene in countries like Mexico, Haiti, Nicaragua, Columbia, Panama, Cuba, Vietnam, etc. etc. etc....

: If nicaragua was still communist they woud be my model, the only reason I defend Cuba is because I don't want to see it wiped off the map, because I think that would be a big setback for us all.

Let's not forget the successes of the Cuban system; Fidel castro and Communism has done more for the Cuban people than centuries of foreign domination and control.

: In the US I don't think taht communsim is anywhjere aroudnthe cpountry, and to be very honest i think that although communsim amy be good for some countries and socialism for others, they will not work in America for teh near future because of a whole lot of cultural factors. The sense I get is taht most Americans don't want communism. However, there is considerable support in America for a lot of reform measures, the kind of thing that tehy sued to call "creeping socialism". for example, the AFL-CIO is pushing for a reform that would prohibit company heads from making more than 50 times the wage of their lowest-paid employee. While a far cry from socialism, thsi si actually a reform taht seems to have mainstream support, so i think it's the type of refrom that we should all be supporting in teh western countries. Because after a while, maybe tehy'll decdie that a fo-fold differential is too much, and they'll make it 40, then 30, then 20....

Yeah there often is room for reform within the system; however, maybe it would be possible to sneek socialism into America in some covert form like scientific progressivism or some such misnomer.... Regardless, the best way to pursue a socialist model innAmerica, like they did iun Britain, is to concern oneself with trivial details and push for small reforms. Eventually, we'll jury rig a welfare state that phases out the less desirable aspects of capitalism.

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