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: No households do. Direct and indirect business taxes amount to approximately 11%.

How does the money get into the household of an employed person?? Via the business. They pay for it, they (the organisation of employee and capital) are the source of the wealth.

: Business is the special interest group that pursues proposes, and crafts the subsidies and welfair packages that congress provides so freely. Who is more guilty: the corruptors or teh corrupted?

The corrupted, and the fact they have the force to enforce what follows their self interested corruptions is what makes the corruption possible.

: Yeah, the smaller businesses do get the shaft but the ones that make out like bandits are the big firms. Of course big firms are reponsible for about 70% of all private sector activity....

Where does that come from, theyre never that big in any stats I see (unless we have different definitions of big)

: Question: Are not government taxes and bonds similiar to corporate revenues and debt issues?

No. the latter is based upon what the company will *create*, the former is based upon what the government will *expropriate* from those who did create.

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