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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on June 02, 1999 at 23:55:55:

In Reply to: What's wrong with the Greens? posted by Björn on June 02, 1999 at 18:13:38:

: I don't know anything about "the Greens" in the UK. I'd like to know what they think that you don't like.

They want to try and work within teh market system, reforming it instead of abolishing it, which I think is futile.

:I sympathize with the Swedish environmental party (Miljöpartiet), but I don't how much they've in common with the "the Greens" in Britain. Do they like EU? etc.

Yes/No- they prefer to talk of a European Commonwealth or regions, and oppose Britain entering the Single currency- also the fate of Greens in germany shows the pitfalls of reformism, IMNSHO.

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