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you have to break a few eggs to make an omelete.

Posted by: Ludwig von Mises ( USA ) on June 04, 1999 at 10:24:44:

In Reply to: You've learned to knock down straw figures and beat dead horses posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on June 01, 1999 at 12:35:23:

: : 1. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelete. After all, in order to have a free society, people have to be killed in gulags in order to be free. It seems to me that many of you are pointing to the USSR and NAZI Germany as good examples of how to get freedom.

: SDF: Care to name names? "Many of you"? Care to say WHO this might be?

: (skipping)

These are tidbits that I've read in several meesages. I don't remember who all wrote them, but they were written.

: : ****PLEASE NOTE****This is intended to be a satire, although I know that many of you were starting to think that I was coming around.

: : ****FOR RED DEATHY****This ain't directed at you;~)

: SDF: I see. So this is not aimed at RD's notion of socialism. Glad to hear it. Yep, I agree. Stalinism was bad. The five people on this planet who still defend such a historical phenomenon are clearly deluded fools, and furthermore they are deserving of immensely-clever satire from those like Von Mises who have endless amounts of energy to spend on debate with such people.

There are people on this board that defend Stalinism in it's various forms. ONe of the things that I read the most frequently is: you have to break a few eggs to make an omelete. Sounds Stalinist to me, how about you?

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