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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 07, 1999 at 12:02:37:

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: Principle, to Gee, is more important than reality

They are not mutually exclusive. Showing a picture of a starving child which may have its cause in some corrupt oil dealings somewhere does not consititute an argument against private property or free trade, however emotionally compelling the image might be, and however guilty the specific perpetrators might be.

: caused basically, Gee is an essentialist. Possessive individualism is
:Communes are inherently a failure (despite their real-life longevities) because people are "inherently" possessive individualists.

what percentage of the human race is living in communes? - regardless of how many communes last a long time - trying to apply the same model accross humanity would quickly asnwer any questions.

:All human action, for Gee, is mere evidence of "personal goals,"

It is, the eradication of private property and free trade, the reduction of production to fit your intepretation of natural resource data are your personal goals. It all comes through you the individual.

This is how it gets construed that little bicycle-riding nonviolent me is more of a threat to Gee than corporate gun dealers.

It more the idea that you might support a police force armed with said guns to enforce your personal goals, and that you might just get sufficient backing for such fascist activity.

: : 1:I don't have the money to do so.

: SDF: I'm still waiting for Gee, successful capitalist as he is, to buy me a commune...

Naturally I would expect some kind of trade, perhaps your bicycle?

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