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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, Uk ) on June 08, 1999 at 17:50:42:

In Reply to: Continued posted by Gee on June 07, 1999 at 12:53:08:

: Perhaps it should be then, otherwise it ends up with 'fuzzy' lines of demarcation, and within fuzzy lines live allsorts of unpleasant power brokers.

Not rally, the fuzzy lines aren't important.

: This returns to my earlier point that major decisions could take forever to resolve.

Not if reasonable procedures are followed, qualified majorities and things like that.

: Then you accept that a number of parents could agree to exclusively deal with one another, because they disagree with others - they might even access no more than 'their share' of raw materials (perhaps by setting up another commune). The fact that people choose in a discriminatory fashion is reflected in how they deal with one another. Only a force could stop a seperation of commune members who wanted to deal with one another more exclusively.

Indeed, however, lets note, that it would be unnacceptable for them to claim their commune 'owned' its resources (Specifically if said resources were necessary to the original commune), and demanded trade for them. People are free to set up their own communes, and free to gain from the world wide system of production, but not to try and extort it (although they are free to opt out altogether). If they claimed 'ownership' of important resources, they are inhibiting teh freedom of others.

: I thought you said it wasnt - I thought you said people had to perceive self interest as existing in part of being in the commune?

Yes, but tehre is no one-to-one relationship, if I do five hours work, I get this much resource, rather, someone couuld get half the resources of another, and do twice as much work as them.
Their self benefit is throuugh being able to continualy satisfy their needs and their capacity to work.

: Fine, but lancaster is made up of lancaster people - and they live as they are choosing, whatever is influencing those choices

Indeed, and I am trying to persuade them otherwise.

: You would, if you want to stay in Lancaster

Indeed, but I wouldn't be hypocritcally saying I wasn't.

: Whom might neither perceive a need for any 'help' or want what you offer

Then thats their choice, i've done what I can.

: they smell of happy people who have chosen their way of life for themselves without depending upon the world to change for them.

I'm allright Jack. *Shakes Head* I'm OK and fuck the rest.

: I would bet you over say 40 years but if you win then my money would be meaningless and and i win then i doubt you could pay up, given that you dont desire to join the work n pay life.

No, I'm on the Job market soon, anyone want a Literary Intelectual? Will Critique for money...anyhow- yer on!

: You cease to exist when alone, when implicit gazes are not there?

No, because you imagine their gaze 'what would my Parents say? My Role-Model?' etc. We always imagine our other. Our self-hood is bound up with a position in social discourse.

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